Over Priced things Everyone has

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Over Priced things Everyone has

Post  fire_crafter100 on Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:37 am

Don't you just hate it when some ridiculously over priced thing comes out and someone you know buys it. Then you try to tell them that it was a waste of money but they try to come up with a theory that its good (when its actually not). Some of these things are wastes of money while some maybe worth it.


Ah Legos who doesnt have 1 block laying around on their floor waiting to be stepped on. But heck are these pieces of plastic expensive, the cheapest set you can get goes around for 20$ and it probably only contains 30 pieces of Lego. The most expensive set I've seen is the Lego Death Star for 500$! like wow I get it has 20 characters but its not that big. I wouldn't say its worth 500$ but I would say its worth 200-300$ Picture> http://cache.lego.com/e/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/10188?$main$

Beats Products

Beats look really fancy on the outside but when you listen they are just normal headphones (depending on which ones you have) but a little more tuned up. Sure it may sound better than most headphones but by me I AM FINE with my 30$ headphones like why I would need anything better. If you can hear it fine with way cheaper headphones I don't get why you would need beats unless your some kind of DJ or musician. They say its the most popular brand of headphones but is it the most expensive too? Idk...

Apple Computers

I have to admit Apple computers aren't BAD they just are too expensive. So many people own these types of computers and its just too much. There's not too much to say about their computers that hasn't been already said. Apple had a great story behind the company development but it got too fancy over the years with their computers. Its kinda like Beats on the outside they look fancy but when you try it you may have expected a little more.

Video Game Merchandise

Ok that League of Legends Rammus plushie up above IS 40$ I'M NOT KIDDING
it's only 16 inches tall. Even a zip up creeper hoodie is 71$ now that's a little overboard. I find it a little dumb how just because the item is from a video game it has to be like 30$ more...

(Let me know about any other overpriced items too many people have)


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