Things every cheesy horror show needs

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Things every cheesy horror show needs

Post  fire_crafter100 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:43 am

I'm talking about those shows like Goosebumps or Deadtime Stories. To be honest when there's nothing on TV it's probably my best choice. Here's some things that would perfect shows like those:

Better animation/ props

I don't think shows like those ones have a big enough budgets to do anything too fancy. But it'd be nice if they put more effort into designing and green screening the effects. It's not easy to do special effects and not so good effects keep shows like this cheesy. 

Better Writers

Writers are like the main base of the show and from what I've seen especially if the writer is Canadian it'll probably end up being too cheesy. By the way what the heck is it with Canadian TV show writers really some of the stuff they write for shows is godawful. Anyway if there's a better writer in the show it can really change a lot.

More Scary Moments

I've noticed that these shows don't have enough Of this. Scary moments is what makes the horror show a horror show like c'mon. But if I wanted to see something scary Id watch a R rated horror movie.

You know what if you want all that good stuff watch tales from the crypt or the twilight zone... Man why dont we have horror shoes like that now?

Ps I did this on an iPad wasn't easy...

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