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Post  Ericrb on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:39 am

If those instructions are not followed, your topic will be locked and the appeal will be refused.

There are two ways to appeal for a ban; mutual and normal:
A mutual appeal is done by making a deal with the victim. The deal can be anything and must come from you. Once a deal is accepted, wait for a moderator to act as a middleman.
Let's say Ericrb griefs Zhuge. Ericrb gets banned for 7 days by Sharok.
Ericrb thinks what he did was a mistake and wants to apologize.
Ericrb decides to open a mutual appeal on the forum to see if he can get unbanned if he apologies to zhuge.
Zhuge says no.
Ericrb then opens a deal and ask zhuge if he could get unbanned if he gives him 10 diamond blocks.
Zhuge accepts.
Sharok sees the topic is completed and will act as a middleman to monitor the trade.
Ericrb gets unbanned and Zhuge receives his 10 diamond blocks.
A normal appeal is used if you think we made a mistake.

For a mutual appeal, you must add [MUTUAL] at the beginning of your post title.
For a normal appeal, you must add [APPEAL] at the beginning of your post title.

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