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Global Improvements

Post  Zhuge on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:35 pm

Since the beginning of All in the Mined, we have increased our ways of communication. Chatting in the server wasn't enough to satisfy our player-base, so we decided to add more ways to communicate. We started with a channel, a channel that looked rushed because it was new to us. That channel was #aitm. The Grandmasters decided to have a better channel - something that could represent the community. After that discussion, we finally came to a point where we needed a new channel. That new channel is #allinthemined. This new, fresh, brighter IRC Channel is now open for the whole community.

Welcome to #allinthemined

How can I join the channel?!

  • You can access this new channel by going to the official site at
  • You can also download your favorite IRC client

-The GM Team

tl;dr: Join #allinthemined

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