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Silent Hill Project

Post  Moufisto on Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:45 am


So uh, i've got some projects happening,

Among projects, I've just started another in SMP.
Are you familiar with Silent Hill?
Well! I plan to recreate the 1st games town, with popular horror levels like schools / hospitals / prisons being the epitome of EVIL.
So while ontop, it will be just like the Silent Hill movie, with falling ash (in this case, snow) and a ghost town to explore,
the towns structures have dark secrets and traps / dungeons to be explored.
As i said before, these include levels such as but not limited to:
Deserted homes
Antique shop (sure why not.)

With each of these dark and mysterious places, planned to be set just like the game,
each will contain portals that take you to the nether - where a mimick of the town will be - exception in its nightmarish form that you see in the games / movie.
where blood, iron and flesh is your path to the end.
I'll try make a story out of it for you, but no garuentees.
This could take a month or two, depending on how slack i am to follow the actual town layout and things.
For instance, I don't recall there being a prison. but it'd make a nice scary place so why not =D Side quests!

So, until i get my shit together and make this ballsaq cunt of a fucking shithead map, motherfuckers, I want you to try Silent Hill 1 just to see where my inspiration comes from:

Here is a torrent link, working and no viruses (it's where i got it from.. so i know.)

And here's a texture pack i'll be using incase anyone's interested!:
(You know, this would make a wonderful classic texture pack Surprised someone convert it?)
Link to download is provided in the video description.

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